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Vol. 17 no. 4, November 1995

Society Programme 1996

Important Notice - New Venue

Australia Day Dinner, 1996

From the Editor's Desk

- early Australian Pottery

- Book Note (The Whitesides of Birralee, by Joan Graney, privately published)

- Early Colonial Furniture. The Irish Connection

- Yes-No-Reid

Book Review (Kevin Skelsey), 'Australian Pottery: The First 100 Years, by Geoff Ford. Salt Glaze Press 1995'

John Houstone, 'Engraved Horns with Australian Associations'

Penny Williams in collaboration with Les Carlisle, 'A Christmas 1829 Medal for John William Chisholm'

John Houstone, 'The Despard Snuff Box'

Kevin Fahy, 'Edward Bangs (1823-1902): an early Melbourne silversmith'


Vol 17 no 3, August 1995

Society Programme 1995

President's Report and Secretary's Report

Financial Statement

Letter to the Editor

Caressa Crouch, 'The Australiana Society Meeting, 1st June 1995'

Glenn R. Cooke, 'Connections in Queensland colonial furniture'

Jane Lennon, 'Art and Science: Early Australian Natural History Drawing and Engravings'

R. J. L. Martin, 'Miniature Tea and Coffee Sets'


Vol 17 no 2, May 1995

Society Programme 1995

Book Notice

'Heritage: The National Women's Art Book: 500 works by 500 Australian Women from colonial times to 1955, Joan Kerr (ed.)'

Society and Australiana News

The 1995 Australia Day Dinner

Penny Williams, 'Governor Bourke's Lost Vase'

Caressa Crouch, ' "Kingston" - the Residence of John Batman, Van Diemen's Land'

Kevin Fahy, 'The First Exhibitions of Early Australian Decorative Arts: Sydney 1929, 1941 and 1953'

Mary Cree, 'Early Furniture in Van Diemen's Land'


Vol 17 no 1, February 1995

Society Programme 1995

Special Announcement (The Powerhouse Prize for 'Australiana')

A new museum for Australia - National Museum of Australian Pottery

Jane Lennon, 'John Adam Pearson Sydney's First Portrait Sculptor'

John Wade, 'Reflections on a Collection - Majorie Yvonne Graham (1924-1994)'

Noris Ioannou, 'The Barossa Folk: Germanic Furniture and Craft Traditions in Australia'

James Broadbent, 'Collecting'

Michael Bogle, 'Industrial Design in Australia'

Exhibition notice (Fleeting Encounters: Pictures and Chronicles of the First Fleet)

Book Review (Kevin Fahy), 'A. Hall & Company, The Grandest Display of Household Furniture in the Colony, Sydney 1897, reprint'

Book Note

'Australian Studio Glass: The Movement its Makers and their Art, by Noris Ioannou, published February 1995'




Vol. 16 no. 4, November 1994

Society Programme 1994

Special Announcements

- Literary Award Prize

- Australia Day Dinner

Elizabeth Ellis, 'Journey Through Landscapes - Conrad Martens: Life & Art, Exhibition'

Kevin L. Skelsey, 'Two Parramatta collections: An Australiana Society members excursion'

Kenneth Cavill, 'Commemorative and Souvenir Spoons of Australian Interest, 1894-1994'

Natalie Welsh, 'Dealers Debtors and Diehards - Furniture Furnishing and Textiles in Early Sydney'

David Dolan, 'Sydney Mint Museum'

The Eureka Stockade

Book review (Kevin Fahy), 'Sydney Harbour by David Moore with text by Rodney hall, Chapter & Verse in association with Library of New South Wales Press, 1994'

Book Notice

'Debonair Jack: A biography of Sir john Longstaff by Prue Joske. Hudson Publishing'

Letter to the Editor


Vol 16 no 3, August 1994

Society Programme 1994

Special Announcement - Literary Award Prize

President's Report and Secretary's Report

Financial Statement

Caressa Crouch, 'James Lumsden, Master Cabinetmaker and the 1851 Great Exhibition'

Obituary: Marjorie Graham (1924-1994)

Exhibition: Martha Berkeley & Theresa Walker

J. B. Hawkins, 'The Broughton Travelling Writing Desk'

David Dolan, 'Forthcoming Australian-American Walter & Marion Griffin Exhibition'

Panel Discussion on Furniture Conservation and Restoration

Michael Bogle, 'Empire of the South'

From the Editor's Desk

- Clifford Craig (1896-1986)

- An Early Sydney Antique Dealer

Recent Museum Acquisitions of Australiana

- Art Gallery of South Australia Acquires an Outstanding Example of Cabinet-Makers Art


Vol 16 no 2, May 1994

Society Programme 1994

Special Announcement - Literary Award Prize

Australian Dictionary of Biography

David Bedford, 'Quo Vadis Toona Australia'

Caressa Crouch, 'Cattai Homestead'

Terence Lane, 'Robert Prenzel - His Life and Work'

R. A. Crosbie, 'The Carpenter's Workshop and Furniture Making at the Sydney Lumber Yard in 1821 and 1822'

Scott Carlin, 'The Elizabeth Rouse Mourning Brooch'

From the Editor's Desk


Vol 16 no 1, February 1994

Society Programme 1994

Special Announcement - Literary Award Prize

Margaret Betteridge, 'Address to Australiana Society: 26 January 1994'

From the Editor's Desk

Robert Hutchinson, 'The Great Kangaroo Hunt'

Desmond Barrett, 'Australiana and the Australian Made Preference League'

Majorie Graham, 'Ostentation and the Ostrich'

Clive Pickering, 'A Colonial Watchstand'

R. A. Crosbie, 'Furnituremaking in Sydney: 1832-1839 - Assigned Convict Artisans'




Vol. 15 no. 4, November 1993

Society Programme 1993-4

Special Announcements - Literary Award Prize

Kenneth Cavill, 'A Successful Enterprise of the Early 20th Century: The Phoenix Manufacturing Company, Silversmiths and Electroplates'

David Dolan, 'Recent Museum Acquisitions of Australiana - J. D. Mackay and the Co-operative Flint Glass Company of Balmain'

Anne Watson, 'A "Champion" Table'

Margaret Betteridge, 'Purchase of Staffordshire Figurines by the Australiana Fund'

Book review (Kevin Fahy), 'Early Australian Samplers 1831-1940, Embroiders Guild Victoria, 1989'

From the Editor's Desk

- Archaeology & Australiana

- Canadian Furniture in Australia

- "The Man from Snowy River"

- Colonial "Grandfather" Clocks

- A South Australian Travelling Companion

- The Future of the Australiana Society

Letter to the Editor


Vol 15 no 3, August 1993

Society Programme 1993

President's Report and Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Financial Statement

Special Announcement - Literary Award Prize

Graham Cocks and Jack Grace, 'Orpheus Arfaras: A Talented Immigrant Australian'

Roslyn Maguire: 'Henry Parkes, James Barnet and the Italian Sculptors of Sydney'

Michael Bogle, 'The Kone Chair'

R. J. L. Martin, 'An Australian Silversmith's Craft - Aspects of Construction'

Alan Roberts, 'Historic Shipwrecks Act Amnesty'

Book Review (Kavin Fahy), 'Antique Furniture in Australia, by Anthony Hill, Penguin Books Australia'

R. A. Crosbie, 'Furniture Polishing Techniques in New South Wales before 1840'


Vol 15 no 2, May 1993

Society Programme 1993

Majorie Graham, 'Matches Strike a Light in Australia'

R. A. Crosbie, 'Edward Hunt, Cabinetmaker, Sydney. Hunt's Workshop Structure 1820-1829'

Dorothy Erickson, 'The Twentieth Century: J. C. Taylor and the Harrises - a Foot in Both Camps'

Recent Museum Acquisitions of Australiana: '

- An Early Sydney Silver Tobacco Box. Acquired by the Art Gallery of South Australia

- Two English Silver Cups with Australian Stories. Acquired by the Powerhouse Museum

- Governor Macquarie's Holey Dollar and Dump. Acquired by the Australian National Maritime Museum

Exhibition: 'Poignant Regalia: 19th Century Aboriginal Images and Breast-plates. Hyde Park Barracks'

Book Review (L. Carlisle): 'Australian Jewellers, Gold & Silversmiths - makers & Marks, by Kenneth Cavill, Graham Cocks and Jack Grace, C.G.C Gold Pty Ltd, 1992'

Book Review (Kevin Fahy): 'The Australian Dream: Design of the Fifties, Powerhouse Publishing, 1993'

Book Notes:

- A Practical Guide: Plaster Work: Styles, History, Materials, Suppliers by Joanna Capon, Random House Australia, 1991

- A complete Guide to Lighting: Styles, History, Planning, Suppliers by Mandy Jean, Random House Australia, 1991

Letter to the Editor

Scott Carlin, 'The Elizabeth Rouse Mourning Brooch'

From the Editor's Desk


Vol 15 no 1, February 1993

Society Programme 1993

Deborah Cocks, 'Dorothy M. Wager'

Michael Bogle, 'Lord Byron and Australia'

R. A. Crosbie, 'Clandestine Furniture in the Macquarie Era'

Dorothy Erickson, 'English and the Australian Eastern Colonies' Involvement in Jewellery and Silversmithing in Western Australia'

Letter to the Editor




Vol. 14 no. 4, November 1992

Society Programme 1992-3

John Wade, 'Young America and Young Australia: 200 Years of US Trade'

Peter Mercer, 'A Relic of The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery's Past Returns to Tasmania'

Majorie Graham, 'Roller Skating in Australia'

Stuart M.Frank, 'Advance Australia: C. H. Wood, Embellisher of Sea-Shells, Ox-Horn and Whale-Ivory'


Vol 14 no 3, August 1992

Society Programme 1992

President's, Secretary's and Treasurer's Reports

Annual Financial Statement

Dorothy Erickson, 'More Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Trade Jewellers in Western Australia'

Deborah Edwards: 'Australian Decorative Arts at the Art Gallery of New South Wales'

Peter Roberts, 'William H. Spencer, Journeyman Silversmith'

John Wade, 'The Japanese Midget Submarine Attack on Sydney Harbour, 31 May 1942'

A Long Awaited Announcement

Exhibition Notice: 'Faces of Australia. Image, Reality and the Portrait (1818-1992). State Library of NSW'

Editor's Note

Book Notices and Book Reviews (Kavin Fahy):

- Australian Icons by Peter Luck (Heinemann 1992'

- The Crafts Movement in Australia: A History by Grace Cochrane (NSW University Press 1992)

- Australian Jewellers, Gold and Silversmiths - makers and Marks by Kenneth Cavill, Graham Cocks and Jack Grace

- Terracotta Australis: Potters and Brckmakers 1833-1981 by Scott Carlin. Edited by David Wells (The Newcastle Regional Museum 1992)

- Australian Made ... Australian Played by Michael Atherton (NSW University Press 1990)

- A Voyage Around the World (1795) by Mary Ann Parker. (Reissued with commentary by Gavin Fry. Edited by Hordern House for the Australian National Maritime Museum 1992)


Vol 14 no 2, May 1992

Society Programme 1992

Jack Grace & Graham Cocks, 'Modern Ceramic Products'

"An Old Timer", 'Sydney Jewellers & Watchmakers in the 1850s'

N. J. B. Plomley, 'A Note on Thomas Bock's portraits of the Tasmanian Aborigines'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Some Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Trade Jewellers in Western Australia'

Wynyard Wilkinson, 'Pseudo English Hallmarks on German Silver and an Australian Connection'

Letter to the Editor

Book Review (L. Carlisle): 'Australian Jewellers, Gold & Silversmiths - makers & Marks, by Kenneth Cavill, Graham Cocks and Jack Grace, C.G.C Gold Pty Ltd, 1992'

Book Review (John Wade): 'Early Australian Commercial Glass: Manufacturing Processes, prepared by Dr James Boow. The Dept of Planning and the Heritage Council of NSW 1991'

Notice to Members


Vol 14 no 1, February 1992

Society Programme 1992

Kevin Fahy, 'James Oatley & His Long case Clocks - A list and bibliography'

Dick Phillips & John Houstone, 'A Mount Gambier Foundation Trowel'

Julian Bickersteth, 'The Three Macquarie Chairs'

Majorie Graham, 'The Horn of Plenty - Talking Machine to Gramaphone in Australia'

Peter Mercer, 'An Early Australian Lighthouse Surviving in Model Form in Hobart'

Letter to the Editor

Exhibition and Book Notice: 'The Age of Macquarie, Hyde Park Barracks'




Vol. 13 no. 4, November 1991

Society Programme 1991

Kenneth Cavill, 'Tilbury and Lewis Pty Ltd. Manufacturing Jewellers, Silversmiths and Electronicplaters'

David Bedford, 'Collecting Australian Furniture. Identification of the Common c.19th Australian Cabinet Timbers'

Brian Eggleton, 'Heraldry on Australiana'

John Houstone, 'An Early Optical Instrument'

Letters to the Editor

Book Review (Kevin Fahy): 'Australians At Home. A Documentary History of Australian Domestic Interiors from 1788-1914, by Terence Lane and Jessie Serle. Oxford University Press 1990'


Vol 13 no 3, August 1991

Society Programme 1991

President's Report, Secretary's Report, Treasurer's Report

Financial Statement

Majorie Graham, ' "Don't Delay - Buy a Bottle Today". Patent Medicines in Australia'

Graham Cocks and Jack Grace, 'F. W. Nissen Queensland Manufacturing Jeweller and Watchmaker'

Peter Mercer, 'A Jimmy Possum Chair Acquired For the Tasmanian State Collection'

James Lincoln Hall, 'A History of Music in Australia. Mrs Chester from Drury Lane - 1835'



Vol 13 no 2, May 1991

Society Programme 1991

Michael Bogle, 'Nineteenth Century Light'

Richard Neville, 'The Arrest of Governor Bligh: Pictures and Politics'

F. R. L. Carleton, 'France en Australie: The Pere Receveur Documentation Collection'

Peter Mercer, 'A Masonic Medal of Historical Significance to Tasmania'

Noris Ioannou, 'William Holford Master Mould-maker and Designer: The Football Jug Revisited'

Michel Bernard Reymond, 'Timothy Tillston Jones, Sydney Jeweller: A Biographical Note'

Rare First Fleet Ship Portrait

Peter Mercer, 'A Vice-Regal Convention with a Piece of Grand Victoriana: lady Young's Presentation Epergne'



Vol 13 no 1, February 1991

Society Programme 1991

Deborah Cocks, 'Rhoda Wager'

Jack Grace and Graham Cocks, 'W. F. Cole, Manufacturing Jeweller'

Peter Walker, 'S. S. Knights: Australian Colonial Sporting Artist 1814-80'

Greg Johannson, 'William Holford - North Shore Pioneer Potter'

Letter to the Editor

Book Review (Kevin Fahy): 'Calyx, Wembley Ware and Bristile China, by John D. Thompson. Bristile Ltd 1989)'

Book Review (Michel Bernard Reymond): 'Australian Jewellery 19th and Early 20th Century, by Anne Schofield and Kevin Fahy. David Ell Press 1990)'




Vol. 12 no. 4, November 1990

Society Programme 1990

Graham Cocks and Jack Grace, 'Queensland Manufacturing and Working Jewellers - 1850-1900'

N. J. B. Plomley, 'Benjamin Law, Sculptor'

Paul Gregson, 'The Subiaco Library Table Justice to the Finish'

R. A. Crosbie, 'Thomas Dawson, Sydney Clockmaker'

Peter Mercer, 'A Small Imitation of a Larger Reality: Francis Low, Model Maker, and the Original Government House of Van Diemen's Land'


Vol 12 no 3, August 1990

Society Programme 1990

Financial Report

President's Report,

Secretary's Report,

Treasurer's Report

Richard Neville, 'Printmaking in Sydney 1800-1850'

Kenneth Cavill, 'The Jewellery of Aronson and Company, Melbourne'

J. B. Hawkins, 'Nineteenth Century Australian Silver'

Exhibition: 'Painted Ships, Painted Oceans'


Vol 12 no 2, May 1990

Society Programme 1990

John Wade, 'Public Collecting and Private Collecting. An Address on the Occasion of the Tenth Australia Day Dinner of the Australiana Society, 26 January 1990'

Mike Darlow, 'What Price Originality?'

Margaret Carlisle, 'Larmer's Homeopathic Dispensary'

Peter Mercer, 'Potteries of 19th Century Hobart'

John George Lang (1816-1864), 'Mrs Macquarie's Piano'



Vol 12 no 1, February 1990

Society Programme 1990

Letters from President and Notices

Peter Mercer, 'An Early Tasmanian Silver Trophy Returns Home'

Kevin Fahy, 'Fitzroy Terrace 6-18 Pitt Street Redfern, NSW'

Alan Landis, 'Wedgewood Portrait Medallions with an Australian Association'

John M. Chapman, 'Australian Colonial Handicrafted Medals - Fascinating Specimens of Numismatic Improvisation'

James Lincoln Hall, 'A History of Music in Australia. Early Period - New South Wales 1835-1836'

Letter to the Editor




Vol. 11 no. 4, November 1989

Society Programme 1989-1990

Daina Fletcher, 'Colonialism and Colonial Sculpture. The marble bust of Commodore J. G. Goodenough and the Art Gallery of New South Wales'

Jolyon Warwick James, 'Australian Silver and Silversmiths 1788-1815'

Majorie Graham, 'Concentration on Concrete'

James Lincoln Hall, 'A History of Music in Australia. Early Period - New South Wales 1834 - June 1835'

Correspondence: Letters to the Editor


Vol 11 no 3, August 1989

Programme 1989

Dorothy Erickson, 'Nineteenth Century Silversmiths and Goldsmiths (Jewellers) of Western Australia'

R. A. Phillips, 'Kozminsky Bicentennial Exhibition Australian Silver, Gold & Jewellery - Melbourne 1988'

James Lincoln Hall, 'A History of Musice in Australia - Early Period - New South Wales: 1827 - 1833'

Financial Statement

Annual Reports

Letters to the Editor

New Publications:

- 'Needlework in Australia: A History of the Development of Embroidery, by Marion Fletcher with the assistance of Leigh Purdy. O.U.P 1989'

- 'Return to Tahiti. Bligh's Second Breadfruit Voyage, by Douglas Oliver. University of Hawaii Press, ISBN 0 522 84354 9'

- 'The Contented Botanist. Letters of W. H. Harvey about Australia and the Pacific, edited by Sophie C. Ducker. ISBN 0 522 84341 7'


Vol 11 no 2, June 1989

Programme Page

Kevin Fahy, 'The Roberts Presentation 1879'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Nineteenth Century Silver & Goldsmiths (Jewellers) of Western Australia - Pearls & Progress. The Emigrants'

James Lincoln Hall, 'A History of Music in Australia - Early Period New South Wales 1818-1826'

Alan Landis, 'English Ceramics with an Australian Association'

Society News and Activities:

- Letter from the President (Kevin Fahy)

- Letters to the Editor

New Publications:

- 'General Muster & Land and Stock Muster of New South Wales - 1822. ABGR Muster Series, October 1988'

- 'Charles Darwin in Australia, by F. W. Nicholas and J. M. Nicholas. Cambridge Universty Press'

Exhibition: The Art of Photography 1839-1989, Australian National Gallery


Vol 11 no 1, February 1989

Programme Page

Dorothy Erickson, 'Nineteenth Century Silver and Goldsmiths (Jewellers) of Western Australia - Swan River Colony. The First Smiths'

Meredith Hutton (1-5), John Houstone (6-10), 'Australiana, The First Ten Years Index to Volumes 1-10'

James Lincoln Hall, 'A History of Music in Australia, Early Period - New South Wales: 1788-1817'

Society News and Activities
- Letter from the President (Kevin Fahy)
- Letters to the Editor

New Publications:

- 'The Amor Centenary 1888 - 1988, compiled by R. J. Byatt, L. J. Carlisle, W. J. Mira. Sydney Metropolitan Coin Club of Sydney in association with Amor-Sanders Pty Ltd'

- 'The Heritage Trail, by Richard Reid. Irish Tourist Board in Australia 1986'

- 'A Place for Art - A century of Art, Craft, Design and Industrial Arts Education in Hobart, by Lindsay Broughton, George Burrows & Elizabeth Lada. University of Tasmania, 1988'

- 'Australian Country Furniture, by Toby and Juliana Hooper. Viking O'Neil 1998'

Exhibition: Shipwreck - Discoveries from our Earliest Shipwrecks 1622 - 1797, Queensland Museum




Vol. 10 no. 4, November 1988

Programme Page

Dorothy Erickson, 'Nineteenth Century Silver and Goldsmiths (Jewellers) of Western Australia - An Introduction'

Linda Young, 'Australian Folk Art'

Brian Eggleton, 'Another Side to Conrad Martens'

Judith McKay, 'J. A. Clarke's "grand picture" of Brisbane'

Book Review (Kevin Fahy): 'Schulim Krimper Cabinet-Maker, by Terence Lane. Gryphon Press 1987'


Vol 10 no 3, August 1988

Annual Reports

Financial Statement

Letters To the Editor

Society Excursion

Australiana News and Activities

Kennth Cavill, 'The Silverware of Angus and Coote, Sutton Electroplate Company, and Perfection Plate'

John Morris, 'Notes on A Message To the Tasmanian Aborigines in 1829, popularly called "Governor Davey's Proclamation to the Aborogines, 1816" '

Josef Lebovic, 'An Introduction to Collecting Early Australian photography'

Book Review (Kevin Fahy): 'The Skottowe Manuscript. A facsimile edition of the original manuscript in the Mitchell Library, Sydney, (2 Vols). David Ell Press & Hordern House 1988'

Book Review (John Wade): 'The Australiana Fund. Published by The Australiana Fund 1988'


Vol 10 no 2, June 1988

Society News

Annette Gero, 'The Folklore of the Australian Wagga'

Kevin Fahy, 'The Hunts' - Sydney Cabinetmakers'

Majorie Graham, 'Desirable Disabled Potters On'

Milford McArthur, 'Hood Picture Frames'


- Australian History through the eyes of Decorative Arts. Australian National Gallery

- Exhibitions in Britain during 1988 to celebrate Australia's Bicentenary

- Shades of Light: Photography and Australia 1839-1988. Australian National Gallery

Book Review (Kevin Fahy): Australian Colonial Furniture - A guidebook, by John Buttsworth. Colonial Living Press 1987'


Vol 10 no 1, February 1988

Terry Ingram, '1788 - Sale Room, A Faker's Paradise'

Kevin Fahy, 'Andrew Lenehan, Sydney Cabinetmaker'

Kenneth Cavill, 'The Jewellery of Willis and Sons of Melbourne'

Daina Fletcher, 'Achille Simonetti, Sculptor'

Noris Ioannou, 'The Prize Medal and the Hindmarsh'

Book Review (Christina Simpson): 'Ceramics In South Australia 1836-1986. From Folk to Studio Pottery, by Noris Ioannou. Wakefield Press'

Book review (Kevin Fahy): 'Notes on Tasmania, by Clifford Craig. Foot & Playsted 1987'

Book Review (Clive Wainwright): 'Nineteenth Australian Furniture, by Kevin Fahy, Christina Simpson and Andrew Simpson. David Ell Press 1985'




Vol. 9 no. 4, November 1987

Society Information

- New venue

- Glover Cottages

S. O'Driscoll, 'Charles Jones gives an Encore'

George D. Dean, 'Money Boxes in Australia'

Kevin Fahy, 'Alexander Dick - Silversmith'

Glenn R. Cooke, 'The Caarnarvon Ceramic College'

John Wade, 'American Gallery for Maritime Museum'


Exhibition: 'The Coming of the Strangers. Life in Australia 1788 - 1822. State Library of NSW'

Forthcoming Book: 'Pictorial History of the New South Wales Railways'

Exhibition: 'Fred Williams: A Retrospective. Australian National gallery'

Book Review (John Wade): 'The House of Wunderlich, by Susan Bures. Kangaroo Press 1987'


Vol 9 no 3, August 1987

President's Report

Society Information

Financial Statement

Janet West, 'Australian Scrimshaw'

Milford McArthur, 'Some Notes on House and Ship Building in Van Diemen's Land'

Noris Ioannou, 'Lithgow and Adelaide. The Halford Connection'

Christopher Thompson, '  "Substantial Evidence of Your Gratitude" - A Silver and Gold Presentation Inkstand by William Edwards, Melbourne, in 1865'


Vol 9 no 2, May 1987

David Bedford, 'An Introduction to Buying Australian Antique Furniture'

A. Wayne Johnson, 'The Bridge Street Explosion of 1866'

R. A. Phillips, 'Robert Jones and the Cross Marsh Show'

Ian Rumsey, 'Who was H. R. Nicholls?'

Ian Rumsey, 'From Here to There'

Society News

Australiana News


Vol 9 no 1, February 1987


Letter to the Editor

Obituary: Phyllis Binns

Christina Simpson, 'An Australian Chesterfield'

Kenneth Cavill, 'The Jewellery and Silverware of G. & E. Rodd, and its Successors'

B. Y. O'Driscoll, 'Charles Jones, convict silversmith of Van Diemen's Land'

Australiana News

Glenn R. Cooke, 'The Arts & Crafts Movement in Australia - A Report'

Access to Australian photographs (The Australian Photograph Access Network - APAN)

(Report on a lecture by Hugh Gilchrist at the University of Sydney): Greeks in Australia

Exhibition: 'Beautiful & Useful! The Arts & Crafts Movement in Tasmania. Queen Victoria Museum and Art gallery'




Vol. 8 no. 4, November 1986


Brian Eggleton, '(Comments on) The Hahndorfer Kranken-Verein Cup and the China Trade'

Judith McKay, 'Harold Parker: the forgotten sculptor'


- 'Crafts of South Australia. Art Gallery of South Australia'

- 'Bush Curiozities. Shepparton Art Gallery'

- 'Australian Silver. National Gallery of Victoria'

Kenneth Cavill, 'The Jewellery and Silverware of G. & E. Rodd, and its Successors'

Robin Inglis, 'Arnold 176: The Vancouver Chronometer'

Ian Rumsey, 'From Here & There'

Noris Ioannou, 'Art and Utility - Ceramics in South Australia 1836 - 1986'

Book Review (Richard Phillips): '19th Century South Australian Pottery, by Geoff Ford. Salt Glaze Press 1985'

Book Review (Tory Roe): 'Barbara Hanrahan, by Alison Carroll. Wakefield Press'

New Books:

- '150 Years of Stained and Painted Glass, by Peter an dJane Donovan. Wakefield Press'

- 'The Art of William Light, with notes and introduction by David Elder. Wakefield Press'

- 'Eugene von Guerard's South Australia, by Alison Carroll and John Tregenza. Art Gallery pf South Australia'

- 'Line, Light and Shadow. James W. R. Linton: Painter, Craftsman, Teacher, by Anne Gray. Fremantle Arts Centre Press'

- 'Australian Studio Pottery and China Painting, by Peter Timms. Oxford University Press'


Vol 8 no 3, August 1986

President's Report

Financial Statement

Secretary's Report


- Collector's Chest

- New face at Deutscher Fine Art

- New Wallpaper Specialists

- Western Australian Jewellery and Silver

Forthcoming Conferences

Louise Irvine, 'Australian Flora and Fauna on Doulton'

John Wade, 'The Australian National Maritime Museum'

Tim North, 'Australia's Garden Heritage'

Annette Keenan, 'The Crown Corning Glass Collection at The Power House Museum'

Peter Mercer, 'The Brian Everard Easterbrook Collection of Ceramics'


- 'The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. A History 1816-1985, by Lionel Gilbert. Oxford University Press'

- 'The Federation House, by Hugh Fraser. Lansdowne Press'

- 'Phillip Blashki - A Victorian patriach, by Gael hammer. P. Blashki & Sons Ltd'

- 'The Bligh Notebook. Two Volumes. National Library of Australia'


- 'Fitzroy Lost and Found. A History in Photographs. Fitzroy Town Hall'

- 'Designing Lights: Drawings of colonial Lighthouses 1817-1899. S. H. Erwin Museum'


Vol 8 no 2, May 1986



- from Mrs M. A. Hamilton

Society Information


Kenneth Cavill, 'The Silverware of Stoke & Sons'

Annette Gero, 'Quiltmakers of our past'

Ian Rumsey, 'From here and there'

Warren Wickman, 'Up, Up and Away'


Book review


Vol 8 no 1, February 1986

Society Information

- A Message from the President

- Society Program

- News



- from Graeme Dodd & Kornelia Vidler

- from Rick Reynolds


Leslie J. Carlisle, 'Australian Medals'

Glenn R. Cooke, 'Inlaid Furniture'

Ian Rumsey, 'From here and there'





Vol. 7 no. 4, October 1985

Society Information

Australiana News

Christina Simpson, 'The Origin of a Rare Australian Sampler'

The Reynolds Sale - Hobart

Ian Rumsey, 'From Here and There'

Book Review (John Wade): 'Australia Brought to Book, compiled and edited by Kaye Harman'

Australiana Books


Vol 7 no 3, July 1985

Australiana News


Anne Marie van de Ven, 'Australiana Flora and Fauna in Sandstone'

Michel Reymond, 'Lawsons'

Ian Rumsey, 'From Here and There'

Australiana Books

Sydney Observatory - A Historical Background


Vol 7 no 2, April 1985

Society Information

Australiana News

Australian Colonial Silver

Glenn R. Cooke, 'History In Clay - Muriel MacDiarmid's Drinking Vessels

Brian E. Easterbrook, 'Notes on The Convict Pottery at Port Arthur, Tasmania'

Linda Young, 'Western Australian Jewellers'

Ian Rumsey, 'From Here and There'

Australiana Books


Vol 7 no 1, January 1985

Australiana News

Kenneth Cavill, 'The Silverware of Magnus Goldring Incorporating Edwin Harrop'

Dr. J. and Mrs M. Boow, 'The Technology of Glass Artefacts'

B. D. Eggleton, 'History, Fashion and Design in Australian Silver'

David Dolan, 'Around the Auctions: Queanbeyan in the 1860s'

B. D.Eggleton, 'The Thrill of the Chase!'

Ian Rumsey, 'From Here and There'



Vol. 6 no. 4, October 1984

Australiana News

Kenneth Cavill, 'W. J. Sanders and Company'

Richard Grooves and Josef Lebovic, 'Collecting Early Australian Topographical Prints'

Geoff Ford, 'Early Find for South Australia'


Ian Rumsey, 'From Here and There'


Vol 6 no 3, July 1984

Christina Simpson, 'An Australian Cabinetmaker's Billhead'

Hyde Park Barracks

Ian Rumsey, 'The Great Australian Furphy'

Robert Hutchinson, 'Going, Going, Gone!'

Julian Bickersteth, 'In Praise of Old Surfaces'

Vaughn Evans, 'Fire Marks'

The Hahndorfer Kranken-Verein Cup

Patricia McDonald, 'The Dictionary of Australian Artists'

Annual General Meeting:

- President's Report by Michel Reymond

- Financial Statement for year ended 30 June 1984 by Andrew Simpson

- 1984/85 committee


Vol 6 no 2, April 1984


Society Information

Australiana News

Ian Rumsey, 'From Here and There'

Sally Cantwell, 'A statuette of Sir Henry parkes by Nelson Illingworth'

Ian Rumsey, 'The Shell of the S. S. "Great Britain" '

Brain Easterbrook, 'Painting on Glass'

Book Review (Pat Boland): 'Australian Commemorative Medals and Medalets from 1788, by Leslie Carlisle. B&C Press Pty Ltd 1983'

New Books


Vol 6 no 1, January 1984

Society Information

Australiana News

Our Authors

R. A. Phillips, 'An Edwards Emu Egg'

Sally Cantwell, 'Nelson Illingworth'

Linda Young, 'Bush Waxwork: The Gore Cows'

Book Review (Annette Keenan): 'Carnival Glass Worldwide, by Marion Quentin-Baxendale. Carnivalia publications 1983'

Book Review (John Wade): 'Monsieur Noufflard's House, by Shar Jones and Michel Reymond. Historic Houses Trust of NSW'



Vol. 5 no. 4, October 1983

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Ian Rumsey, 'From Here and There'


Peter Timms, 'Pot gathering in the Provinces'

John Wade, 'The Gardenia Pottery'

Kevin Fahy, 'Golding & Son - Australia's Oldest Silversmith Firm'

Kevin Fahy, 'A Sydney Furniture Inventory - 1865'

Brian Easterbrook, 'English Marks on Colonial Pottery?'


Vol 5 no 3, July 1983

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Australiana News

Ian Rumsey, 'From Here and There'

Book Review (Pat Boland): 'Captain James Cook: The Royal Society Medal, by L. Richard Smith. Wedgwood Press 1982'


- 'A Guide to Sources of Information on the Arts in Australia, by Ray Choate. Pergamon Press 1983'

- 'South Coast Steamers, by Graeme Andrews. Published by the author 1983'

Annette Keenan, 'Glass in Australia, 1788-1939'

Exhibition Review (Annette Keenan): 'Carnival Glass at Hunters Hill'


Vol 5 no 2, April 1983

Editorial: Rouse Hill House

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State Library of NSW Exhibition Program

John Shorter, 'Australiana Ceramic Designs by Lulu Shorter'

Eve Stenning, 'A Monument to Australia's Centenary - The Strasburg Clock Model at Sydney's Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences'

Annette Keenan, ' "Reflections" - An Exhibition Review'

Bedervale, Braidwood

Book Review (Pat Boland): 'Australian Commemorative Medals and Medalets from 1788, by Leslie Carlisle. B&C Press Pty Ltd 1983'

Book Reviews


Vol 5 no 1, January 1983

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Julieanne Moran, '19th Century Australian Jewellery'

The Mint

Beryl Harris, 'Grandmother's Life'

Patricia McDonald, 'Women's Domestic & Leisure Crafts'

Ian Rumsey, 'From here and There'

Book Reviews

Kevin Fahy, 'Potters and Potteries in Sydney and NSW, 1803-1900'



Vol. 4 no. 4, October 1982


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Margaret Betteridge, 'New Museum of Australian Decorative Arts'

Dennis Haselgrove, 'English Stoneware in Australia'

Caroline Simpson, 'Leslie Wilkinson: Architect'

Brian Easterbrook, 'Bendigo Barbotine?'

Juliet Cook, 'A Case for Polyurethane'

Peter Mercer, 'Recent Acquisitions at the Tasmanian Museum'

Dick Phillips, 'A Well-Travelled Egg'

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Vol 4 no 3, July 1982

Annual Report

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Annette Keenan, 'Edward Trickett, Australian Sculler'

Susan Bures and Barry Groom, 'Wunderlich Designers and Designs'

John Houstone, 'A Neglected Silversmith'

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Vol 4 no 2, April 1982


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Ian Rumsey, 'The Case of the Oatley Clock: Is there a Case to Answer'

David Dolan, 'Sydney's Colonial Craftsmen at Elizabeth Bay House'

Kai Romot, 'The Sydney Technical College and its Architect, W. E. Kemp'

Ian G. Sanker, 'Richard Daintree, A Note on His Photographs'

Juliet Cook, 'Sydney Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary'

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Vol 4 no 1, March 1982


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List of Illustrations

Barry Groom & Warren Wickman, 'Sydney - The 1850s: The Lost Collections'

Anne Watson, 'A Sideboard by Schulim Krimper'

Jolyon Warwick James, 'Australian Silver Marks'

John C. Vaughn, 'Australia's Flags'

Alan Landis, 'Wedgwood Fauna With Australian Associations'

Australiana Auction:

- Ian Rumsey, 'The David Ell Sale'

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Vol. 3 no. 4, October 1981


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Annual Report

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R. A. Phillips, 'Good Sound Cedar'

Brian E. Easterbrook, 'Some Possible Lithgow Pottery from the Brownfield Period'

Australiana Auctions:

- R. A. Phillips, 'Caveat Emptor'

- John Wade, 'Auction Report - Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Singleton, NSW'

Book Review (Annette Keenan): 'Australian Glass of the 19th and Early 20th Century, by Majorie Graham. David Ell Press 1981'

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Vol 3 no 3, July 1981


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Heritage Week Exhibition 1981

David Dolan, 'The Dating of the Kangaroo Clock'

Dr. D. J. Robinson, 'The Queensland Secession Medallions of 1859'

Patricia McDonald, 'A Guide to Australiana Research'

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Vol 3 no 2, April 1981

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Australiana Exhibitions

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John Houstone, 'The Earliest Piece of Queensland Silver'

Richard Phillips, 'Wendt - 125 Years'

Peter Mercer, 'The David Barclay Exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery'

Australiana Books


Vol 3 no 1, January 1981

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Australiana Exhibitions

Annette Keenan, 'Webb and Rider, Two Sydney Glass Engravers'

Richard Phillips, 'The Passing of a Pottery'

John Wade, 'A Kangaroo Mustard Pot'

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Vol. 2 no. 4, November 1980

Editorial: Museums and the Collector

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Australiana Exhibitions

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Richard Phillips, 'The Bosleyware Pottery'

Michel Reymond, 'Land Records and Historic Buildings'

Ian Evans, 'A Portrait of Mrs. John Verge'

Annual Report

Australiana Books

List of Illustrations


Vol 2 no 3, July 1980

Society Information

Notes and News


John Wade, 'James Cunningham, Sydney Woodcarver'

James Broadbent, 'The Mint and Hyde Park Barracks'

Kevin Fahy, 'Who was Australia's First Silversmith'

Ian Rumsey, 'A Guide to the Later Works of William Kerr and J. M. Wendt'

John Wade, 'Birds in a Basket'

New books

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Vol 2 no 2, May 1980

Society Information


Notes and News:

- Northam Brick Works

- Wunderlich Ltd

- NSW Exhibition Train

- Australiasian Antique Collector

- Passing the Hat

- The Kangaroo and Emu in Architecture

- Open Day at the University of Sydney


Michel Reymond, 'Light - An Early View of Adelaide'

Ian Evans, 'William Holford, a Colonial Potter'

Annette Keenan, 'Four Women Studio Potters'

John Wade, 'William Toose, Australian Silversmith'

Michel Reymond, 'Brief Notes on Two Early Adelaide Identities'

New Books

Transfer Printed Ceramics

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Vol 2 no 1, February 1980

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Exhibitions Reviews

Letters to the Editor

Peter Perry, 'Ernest Leviny and Family'

Josef Lebovic, 'What is an Original Print'

C. J.Duffy, 'From Gold Trowel to Gold Brooch'

John Wade, 'Postscript to Sydney International Exhibition 1879'

New Books

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Vol. 1 no. 3, September 1979


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Forthcoming Exhibitions

Notes and News

Terence Lane, 'The J. & J. Altmann Collection of Australian Silver'

John Wade, 'Australiana in the West'

Kevin Fahy, 'The Kangaroo and Emu in Cast Iron'

Andy Simpson, 'Hints on Cleaning Furniture'

Robert Hutchison, 'Some Notes on 19th Century Cabinet-makers Labels and Marks'

Jeff Sergel, 'The Maestrophone'

Bernard Caillard, 'The Emu Egg - an Australian Dream'

John Wade, 'Caring for Silver'

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Vol 1 no 2, April 1979

Forthcoming Meetings

Recent Meetings

Forthcoming Lectures

New Exhibitions

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Information Wanted

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Majorie Graham, 'Australian Pottery'

Danny & Valerie Drake, 'Glass Companies in N.S.W. and Victoria from 1866 to Present'

Bits and Pieces


Vol 1 no 1, January 1979


Notes and News


Book Notices

Kevin Fahy, 'Australiana and the Private Collector'

John Wade, 'Collecting for a Museum'

Bernard Caillard, 'Alexander Dick - Silversmith. A collector's Notes'

D. Tomsett, 'Willis gone Wendt'


(Foundation Issue) no 1, November 1978

A Personal Invitation

Interim Committee


New Exhibitions

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1879 Exhibition

Gothick Furniture in N.S.W.

Australian Pottery Sale

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