Contents of Back Issues 1996 - 2005

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Vol 27 no 4, November 2005

Ruth Dwyer, 'The Pledge of her affection'

Glenn R. Cooke, 'John James, the sequel'

James Broadbent, 'A Chinese export dessert service'

Donna Braye, 'The Mosman Local Studies Collection'

Gordon Turnbull, 'Australian furniture design 1925-1952'

John Wade, 'Irrawang, Regentville and pioneer historical archaeology in Australia'



Contents of Australiana 2005

Vol 27 no 3, August 2005

John McClymont, 'A builder's ledger 1840-1846'

Michael Lech, 'The Gilkes family, Marion Best fabrics and early fabric printing in Australia'

Keira Quinn Lockyer, 'A race against time - the story of a watch'

John Wade, 'John Hull Jun. (1807-1870), cabinet-maker'

Margot Riley, 'The Bowman family's Trafalgar flag: a symbol of patriotism or Australian Nelsoniana?'

Megan Martin, 'The Camden coral tree'

Peter Lane, 'More Tichborniana'

R.A. Phillips, 'Silver msrks: Hale or Hooft?'

 Vol 27 no 2, May 2005

Les Carlisle, 'A certificate from the Agricultural Society of New South Wales'

John Steel, 'Two paintings of Brisbane c. 1806?'

Katherine M. Chappell, 'Rosedale, Lyndale, Roselyn and Superior Ceramics: the pottery of Worthington and Comber'

Rosie Nice, 'Australia's on the boil'

Micehell Maddison, 'The baronet butcher of Wagga Wagga'

John Wade, 'Three Marrickville Potteries'

Calire Gohe, 'A panorama of Brisbane'

Notes and News

Exhibition: Gumnuts and glazes: the story of Premier Pottery, Preston 1929-1956

John Wade, 'President's Report 2004'

Caressa Crouch, 'Treasurer's Report 2004'

Exhibition: Cape Town: halfway to Sydney 1788-1870


Vol 27 no 1, February 2005

Annette Gero, 'The legacy of the gold rush quilt'

Christine Erratt, 'Whose mark is that?'

John Wade, Editorial

Helen & David Kelly, 'Dining habits and toilet furniture'

Melissa Harpley, 'Darbyshire pottery'

John Wade, News from the dealers

John Wade, News

John Hawkins, 'Edward Augustus Wilson, American-born patriot, cabinetmaker, political convict and "British slave" '

Andrew Morris, 'Thomas Griffiths Wainewright: dilettante, or simply misunderstood?'

Book review

John Wade, 'Collector's corner'

Alan J. Robb, 'The lost Strasburg clock'

Tracey Lock-Weir, 'August Earle's portraits of Barnett Levey and his wife'

Auction results

Vol 26 no 4, November 2004

Judith McKay, 'Australian pottery exhibitions in Queensland'

John Wade, Editorial

Fiona Starr, 'Caroline Simpson's sampler in the Sydney International Exhibition, 1879'

R. A. Fredman, 'A cabinet meeting'

Peter R. Walker, 'Over the water jump: a painting by Thomas Hamilton Lyttleton (1826-1876)'

John Wade, 'Book Review: Brilliant. Australian Gold and Silver 1851-1950.'

Veronica Moriarty'A victory won by a lost battle - The Eureka Stockade'

Australiana Society excursions 2004

In a New Light

Lisa Murray, 'Tradesmen's bills'

Letters to the Editors

Auction update

Elizabeth Hadlow, 'Snapshot! How to keep your photos safe'


Vol 26 no 3, August 2004

Glenn R. Cooke, 'Louis Bilton and Australian flora'


Roslyn Maquire, 'Italian jewellers in New South Wales'

John Edwards, 'Edward Baker Boulton (1812-1895): a watercolourist rediscovered'

Kevin Fahy'James Oatley's long case clocks'

Collector's Corner

John Wade, 'Eleanor Joan Kerr, AM, 1938-2004'


Ivan Barko, 'Proud to be different: celebrating the 14th of July in Sydney'

Kenneth Cavill, 'A rum naval trophy: the Colin Rodgers Cup'


 Vol 26 no 2, May 2004

John Wade, Editorial

Andrew Crellin, ' "Colony New Australia" notes'

Robert M. Warneke, 'A scrimshaw box in the Clyde Bsnk Collection and its conjectural Australian significance'

Veronica Filmer, 'More than a memory - the art of Elizabeth Parsons'

John Wade, 'Australian Art Pottery 1900-1950'

Simon Jackson, 'Australian furniture design before WWII'

Jolyon Warwick James, 'The Schatzkammer and the Antipodes'

Australiana Society Inc. Annual Report 2003

Dorothy Erickson, 'Amy Harvey, Western Austrlian china painter'


Vol 26 no 1, February 2004 

John Wade, Editorial

Glenn R. Cooke, 'Charles Astley, the career of an artist and art teacher on the Darling Downs'

John McPhee, 'Coming to the surface - lost arts and popular crafts'

Marvin Hurnall, 'Neil Douglas and the Murrumbeena Pottery

Christian Da Silva, 'Cleaning and waxing furniture'

Bev Atkinson, 'The Sydney Cove Map'

Helen Foote, 'A master craftsman: Lewis John Books'

Michel Reymond & Keith Oakey, Letters

Alan Perry, 'Only the best - second best not being good enough'

Recent acquisitions by The Australiana Fund



Vol 25 no 4, November 2003 

John Wade, Editorial

Robyn Lake, 'George Peck purveyor of the fine arts'

David Hansen, 'John Glover and the colonial picturesque'

Peter Walker, 'William Webster Hoare's Natural History Drawings' 

Keith Oakey, 'Brass galleries on early Australian sideboards' 

Simon Jackson, 'Australia at Montreal'

Letters to the editor

The State Library of Victoria's Cowen Gallery

Christian Da Silva, 'The Low-Down on Successful Antique Furniture Buying'

News and Reviews




Vol 25 no 3, August 2003

John Wade, Editorial

Andrew Morris, 'Charles Henry Theodore Costantini: convict, surgeon, artist & ... forger'

David and Helen Kelly, 'Rediscovered: the Joubert jewel cabinet'

Simon Jackson, 'Australia's first book on Industrial Design'

R. A. Phillips, 'The Intrepid Schoolmaster: John William Billiatt'

John Wade, 'William Holford's art and influence on Australian Pottery'

Fred Sinfield, 'The artist and a sitter. Oswald Rose Campbell and John de Villiers Lamb'




Vol 25 no 2, May 2003

John Wade, Editorial

Simon Jackson, 'Industrial design journals in Australia'

Q & A

John Wade, 'Profile: Justin Miller, Chairman of Sotheby's Australia'

President's Report 2002 & Treasurer's Report 2002

John Hawkins, 'Australian decorative arts in the Clyde Bank collection'

Kenneth Cavill, 'Silver match boxes of Australian make & interest'

Tim Fisher, 'Travellers' Art'

Grace Cochrane, 'Who is WHN?'

Vol 25 no 1, February 2003

Michel Reymond, 'The value of land records in research'

Megan Martin, 'The significance of a studio: Nell Holden & The Chalet'

Ruth Dwyer, 'Did the pawnbroker get off?'

David and Helen Kelly, 'Misdescription at auction: whose responsibility?'

Laurie Fromholtz, 'The Sobraon wonder Bernard Bede (Barney) Kieran'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Commercial art pottery in Western Australia 1920s-1960s'

Warwick Oakman, 'A whale oil lamp for Runnymede'




Vol 24 no 4, November 2002

John Hawkins, 'Clyde Bank'

F. A. Sinfield, 'The Oatlands Grammar School Medal, Tasmania'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Industrial Art Pottery in Western Australia'

John Wade, 'Book Review: The People's Potteries'

Peter R. Walker, 'George's hall, Major Johnston's Bankstown estate'


Vol 24 no 3, August 2002

Robyn Lake & Therese Mulford, 'A stranger to the town: the life of colonial painter Frederick Strange'

Barbara Ballantyne, 'Mary Card and her crochet lace'





Vol 24 no 2, May 2002

Ildiko Pandur & John Wade, 'A Ring fit for a Prince? A Gold Mining Souvenir from Colonial Victoria'

Tania Cleary, 'If you seek their memorials look around: Colours and Guidons in the Cathedral Church of St. John and the Evangelist'

Ruth Dwyer, 'Welcoming the Stranger'

John Wade, 'Donald Friend's Diaries'


Vol 24 no 1, February 2002

John Hawkins, 'The 1839 Gillows commission to furnish Woolmers in Van Dieman's Land for Thomas and Susannah Archer'

R. A.Fredman, 'A Bookcase for a Study'


Vol 23 no 4, November 2001

John Hawkins, ' "Quilled on the Cann". Alexander Hart, Cabinetmaker, Glaswegian, Scottish Radical and Convict'

Ruth Dwyer, 'Brisbane's Mayorial Regalia'

John Houstone, 'Was Dick Guilty?'

John Wade, 'President's Report 2000-01'

Caressa Crouch, 'Treasurer's Report 2000'

Kieran Hosty and Andrew Frolows, 'Maritime Memorials'

Emma Williams, 'Plain and fancy: Quilts from the National Quilt Register'

Andrew Crellin, 'The Adelaide Gold Pound'

Vol 23 no 3, August 2001

Lisa Bateman, 'An Opened Trunk, a fantastic Discovery'

Jeff Bidgood, 'Bookplates R.I.P.?'

Sue Air, 'Charles Allen Brown (1850 - 1908) Australian Silversmith'

Clive Lucas, Review: 'Australian Gothic'

Michael Bogle, 'Clement Meadmore in Australia'


Peter R. Walker, 'Thomas Griffiths Wainewright's Reunion of Eros and Psyche and Lothaire of Bourgogne'

Marvin Hurnall & Megan Martin, 'Grace Seccombe 1880 - 1956'


Vol 23 no 2, May 2001

Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC, Governor of New South Wales, 'Australia before Federation Conference Opening Address'

Exhibition, 'Visions of a Republic - the work of Lucien Henry'

Dr Elizabeth Cant, 'Inside the picture framing business ledgers of John Thallon, 19th century picture framer of Melbourne'

Professor Ray Stebbins, 'Genesis of the Riverview Gold Challenge Cup'

Josef Lebovic, 'A Guide to Collecting Photographs'

New books

Dr Dorothy Erickson, 'Art and Design in Western Australia. Part 6: Perth Technical School - Between the Wars'

John Hawkins, 'Of Mrs Gray, Nareeb Nareeb, Painted Eggs, Black Swans, Tree Ferns and Queens'


Vol 23 no 1, February 2001

Robyn Lake & Therese Mulford, 'William Wilson, Rediscovered Tasmanian Framemaker'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Art and Design in Western Australia Part 5: Perth Technical School - Associated Campuses'

Kenneth Cavill, 'Genesis of the Riverview Gold Challenge Cup'

Milford McArthur, 'William Champion: a Colonial Cabinetmaker'

R. A. Fredman, 'Dates and Doubts. A Review of Current Australian Ninetennth Century Furniture Dating'

Vol 22 no 4, November 2000

John Wade, 'President's Report 1999-2000'

Caressa Crouch, 'Treasurer's Report 1999 - 2000'

Garry Smith,
'Manning Valley Furniture of the 19th Century'

Kenneth Cavill, 'Sydney's 150th Anniversary Celebrations, The Big Game Angling Contest of 1938

Dorothy Erickson, 'Art and Design in Western Australia Part 4: Perth Tech Graduates

Rosie Nice, 'Exhibition, State of the Waratah'


Vol 22 no 3, August 2000

Richard Neville, 'Joseph Backler. Portrait painter to the not very rich or famous'



John Hawkins, 'Julius Hogarth - behind the Shop Front. Part 2:The Second and Third Bankruptcies'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Art and Design in Western Australia Part 3: The Domestic Art Movement'

Noris Ioannou, 'Clay Heritage. The Lyons and Chamberlain Collections of Australian Ceramics'

Peter R. Walker, 'The Aboriginal Breastplate of Bobbey'



Vol 22 no 2, May 2000

John Hawkins, 'Julius Hogarth - Behind the Shop Front. Part 1: The First Bankruptcy 1861'

Exhibitions and News

Dorothy Erickson, 'Art and Design in Western Australia Part 2: A Golden Decade'

Judith Green, 'William Kerr, Colonial Silversmith 1838-1896'





Vol 22 no 1, February 2000

R.A. Fredman, 'Tolerably Good Furniture'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Art and Design in Western Australia Part 1'

(Rosie Nice), 'Wanted. State of the Waratah'

Michael Bogle, 'Antiques of the Future'

Alan J Robb, 'Diana Pottery's Musical Jugs And Mugs'







Vol. 21 no. 4, November 1999

John B. Hawkins, 'Illuminated Addresses Presented to Prince Alfred'

John B. Hawkins, 'A Royal Visitor: The Duke of Edinburgh K.G. Part 3'

Annual General Meeting - President's report; Treasurer's Report

Wanted (locating works for exhibition and research projects)
Caressa Crouch, 'Collecting 20th Century Australiana'

Our Authors (profiles of contributing authors for this issue)

Michel Reymond, ' "J. Josephson" - a Mystery Solved'

Elizabeth Cant, 'Does Gideon Saint have the Answer'

Alan Landis and Robert Lawrie, 'An Important Commission for the Parliament of New South Wales'


Vol 21 no 3, August 1999

Australiana Society Program

John Hawkins, 'A Royal Visitor: The Duke of Edinburgh K.G. Part 2'

Sally Webster, 'Kenneth McKenzie, Amateur Cabinet-maker'

R. A.Fredman, 'Ebony in Early Australian Cabinet-making'

Australiana News

Australiana Exhibition Calendar

Our Authors (profiles of contributing authors for this issue)



Vol 21 no 2, May 1999

Australiana Society Program

John B.Hawkins, 'A Royal Visitor: The Duke of Edinburgh K.G.'

Caroline Webber, 'The Breastplate of Geeagong'

Scott Carlin, 'A Victorian Childhood'

Martin Terry, 'Exploring for the Emperor'

Caressa Crouch, 'Garden Collectibles'

Australiana News

Our Authors (profiles of contributing authors for this issue)


Australiana Exhibition Calendar


Vol 21 no 1, February 1999

Australiana Society Program

Caressa Crouch, 'Australia's First Known Furniture Pattern Book, by W.H. Rocke & Co, Melbourne'

Roslyn Maguire, 'The Sydney Internstional Exhibition of 1879. A look at the books'

R. A. Fredman, 'Neoclassical Influence in Australian Furniture'

Australiana Exhibition Calendar

Australiana News

Our Authors (profiles of contributing authors for this issue)


Obituary: Dr Robert J. L. Martin



Vol. 20 no. 4, November 1998

Australiana Society Program

Annette Gero, 'Linking Some Sydney History with Old patchwork Quilts'

Fiona Starr, 'Vagabond Sports'

Leo Scholfield, 'Stirring the Colonisl Possum'

John Morris, President's report

Caressa Crouch, Treasurer's Report

Australia Day Lunch 1999

John Wade, New Exhibitions

Our Authors (profiles of contributing authors for this issue)

Book News


Vol 20 no 3, August 1998

Roger Leong and Mary Eagle, Obituary - Jim Logan

Exhibition, The Glory of Everyday Objects

Exhibition, Beyond Architecture. Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin in America, Australia and India

Caressa Crouch, 'The Australiana Society Lecture, 5 March 1998'

Charles Pickett, 'The Fibro Frontier'

Exhibition, Sydney Quilt Stories: 1811-1970

Australian Furniture: Pictorial History and Dictionary 1788-1939

Book Reviews (Johanna Cole), 'A Small Unsigned Painting By Stephen Scheding'

Michel Reymond, 'John (Jaan) Kannuluik, Cabinet-maker, Melbourne'



Vol 20 no 2, May 1998

Caressa Crouch, Australia Day Picnic 1998, Vaucluse House

John Murphy, 'The Architects Sketchbook - Exhibition'

Robin Hunt, 'The Late Kurt Albrecht'

Kenneth Cavill, 'W.J. Sanders, Manufacturing Silversmith, Goldsmiths & Art Metal Workers'

Louise Davies, 'Treasures of Light'

Lindie Ward, 'A New Industry Afoot'


Vol 20 no 1, February 1998

Society Programme 1998

Book Review (Anne-Marie Van De Ven), 'Design in Australia 1880-1970 by Michael Bogle'

Book Review (Noris Ioannou), 'Barossa Journeys by Noris Ioannou'

Caressa Crouch, 'Convict-Provenanced Furniture in Australia'

Caressa Crouch, 'The Australiana Society Meeting, 6 November 1997'

Michael Bogle, 'Building a Netter World of Tomorrow with the Tools of Today'




Vol. 19 no. 4, November 1997

Society Programme 1998

Kevin Fahy, 'Furniture Inventories of Government House Parramatta 1821-1855'

Anne Watson, 'Walter Burley Griffin's "Other" Canberra Legacy'

Richard Neville, 'Why Early Colonial Art is Not What It Seems'

Caressa Crouch, 'The Australiana Society Meeting 1 May 1997'


Vol 19 no 3, August 1997

Society Programme 1997

President's Report

Financial Report 1997

Glenn R. Cooke, 'Jeanettie Sheldon and her Galleries'

Peter Mercer, 'A Rare Early Tasmanian Desk Returns to its Place of Origin'

Andrew Montana, 'The Poetics of Play: Kathleen Rouse, her Dolls and Mrs Cockram'

Susie Davies, 'Island Encounters at Macleay Museum'

James Broadbent, 'The Australian Colonial House'


Vol 19 no 2, May 1997

Society Programme 1997

Special Announcement

Kevin Fahy, 'Australia Day Luncheon 1997 held at Old Government House 1862-1886'

Michael Bogle, 'The Earthen Floor in 19th century Australia'

John Hawkins, 'Te Wherowhero, Tawhiao Matataera Potatau II (1825-1894)'

Frederic A. Sinfeld, 'Souvenirs from the Land of the Long White Cloud'

Caressa Crouch, 'English Furniture and the Australian Market in the late 19th century'

Frederic A. Sinfeld, 'Gold Calico, Ski-ing and Archaeology'

Caressa Crouch, 'The Australiana Society Meeting 6 March 1997'


Vol 19 no 1, February 1997

Society Programme 1997

Special Announcement

Special Excursion (Hyde Park Barracks and the Children's Chapel, St. James Church)

Jonathan Sweet, 'Empire, Emigration and the Decorative Arts: Australian Representation at International Exhibitions 1862-1886'

Frederic A. Sinfeld, 'Maiden Over! Or Who is for Cricket?'

Jolyon Warwick James, 'The Nettleship Cup'

John Wade and Paul Hundley, 'Australia and the American Civil War'

Caressa Crouch, 'The Australiana Society Meeting 3 October 1996'




Vol. 18 no. 4, November 1996

Society Programme 1996-7

Special Announcement, Australia Day Luncheon, Sunday 26 January 1997

Noris Ioannou's Recent Overseas Experience

Book Review (Kevin Fahy), 'Carter's Collecting Australiana: A Guide to Australian Antique & Collectables, Kangaroo Press/Carter's Antiques and Collectables Publications, 1995'

New Publication

(Robert J. J. Martin), 'Working with Silver. The Story of a Practical Chemist's Adventures' 

'An Account of the Discoveries made in the South Pacifick Ocean previous to 1764, by Alexander Dalrymple. The Australian Maritime Series. Edited by Hordern House, Sydney'

J. M. Houstone, 'The Corporation Cup'

Michael Bogle, 'The Cafe Australia'

V. J. Fairly, 'F. E. Strangward - Maker of Unique Australian Mosaique Woodware'

Kenneth Cavill, 'Silver Napkin Rings of Australian Make and Interest'

Caressa Crouch, 'The Australiana Society Meeting 1 August 1996'


Vol 18 no 3, August 1996

Society Programme 1996

President's Report - Secretary's Report

Special Announcement

Financial Report 1996

Letter to the Editor

A Peep at the Past

Caressa Crouch, 'The Australiana Society Meeting, 6 June 1996'

Kevin Fahy, 'Government House, Sydney'

Peter Mercer, 'A Rare Early Tasmanian Desk Returns to its Place of Origin'

Caressa Crouch, 'Master Cabinetmaker Alexander Watson of Van Dieman's Land and his Tools. A Detailed Description'

Brian Eggleton, 'Stories in Silver'


Vol 18 no 2, May 1996

Society Programme 1996

Mary Cree, 'Tasmanian Colonial Furniture in New Zealand'

Jane Lennon, 'Benjamin Brain: A forgotten Australian Sculptor'

John Houstone, 'The Ward Testimonial'

David Senior, 'The Eureka Stockade - Ballarat, Victoria'

Michael Bogle, 'Two Giant Blue-gums'

Penny Williams, 'Samuel Clayton & the Foundation of the Darling Mills: The Story of an Emancipist Silversmith who influenced the Early Social Fabric of the Colony'

Michael Bogle, 'The Bush House - Gladesville Hospital, NSW'

John Houstone, 'Further Notes on Joseph Thomas Sleep, Silversmith: Ballarat'


Vol 18 no 1, February 1996

Society Programme 1996

Book Review (Penny Williams), 'Gold and Silversmithing in Nineteenth & Twentieth Century New Zealand, by Winsome Shepherd. Published by The Museum of New Zealand'

Caressa Crouch, 'The Keatings - Cabinetmaking Family of Hobart, Tasmania'

Kenneth Cavill, 'William Proud, Prouds and their Australian Silverware'

Geoff Ford, 'William Holford: His Designs and Travels'

David Senior, 'Joseph Thomas Sleep: Jeweller, &c. Ballarat'

Dick Phillips, 'A Collector's Profile - An Interview with M. J. M. Carter, 24 August 1994'