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Peter Walker Fine Art in Adelaide supports Australiana by providing funds for the Peter Walker Writing Award, for the best contribution to Australiana.

Vol 44 no 2, May 2022

President’s Update

Breaking the mould, Robert Griffin

Contributing to Australiana, John Wade

A presentation casket with carving by John K. Blogg, 1915, Sarah Guest

King Albert’s ‘Birthday Book’, John Wade

Timber trays – fun and functional, R A Fredman

The tomb of Father Receveur and the La PĂ©rouse Monument at Botany Bay, Peter G. Towson

Indigenous motifs on a silver brooch, Christine Erratt

Saving Currajong, Jillian Dwyer

Madame Henry, Juliette Lebeau-Lopes-Rastoul-Henry, Yvonne Barber

Australiana Society Sydney Basin Tour, March 2022, Peter Crawshaw

Cover: Micholas Maurin (1799-1850). Laperouse, Lithrographed by Delpech, Paris c 1820 - 1840. 50 x 32cm, hand coloured. Dixon Library, State Library NSW.

Vol 44 no 1, February 2022

President's Update

Peter Walker Fine Art Writing Award 2021, Megan Martin

Making Good, Anna Ridley

John Glover through the Claude Glass, Glynnis Stevenson

Jack and Achilles: a classical source for Benjamin Duterrau’s Native taking a Kangaroo? David Hansen

Teaching artists by copying the Masters, David Hansen

Through the looking glass – identifying W. H. Rocke & Co’s second Melbourne International Exhibition 1880 drawing-room cabinet, Andrew Montana

Henning Rathjen: Victorian art potter 1948–1968, Anne Johnson & Anthony Armstrong

Rosa Fiveash’s Quarantine Camp 1919: a not so new ‘normal’, Jo Vandepeer

Trevor John Kennedy AM 24.6.1942 – 28.11.2021, Lesley Garrett, Anne Schofield & John Hawkins

Book reviews

Vol 43 no 3, August 2021

Colin ThomasUpdate from the President  

Scott Carlin, Exhibition review: Paradise Lost – Thomas Griffiths Wainewright

Gregory HillVictoria’s earliest potteries

Carol BaconThe Ransom sampler 

David BedfordAustralian cribbage boards – an affordable collectable

Yvonne Barber & John WadeAllen Duckworth, woodworker and native timbers crusader

Dorothy Erickson‘Angels in the Studio’ in Western Australia part 4: Those who stayed 

Book Reviews

Vol 43 no 2, May 2021

Colin ThomasUpdate from the President  

Megan Martin, The 2020 Peter Walker Fine Arts Writing Award: Judge’s Report

David BedfordCasuarina Timbers in Australia 

Yvonne BarberWilliam Frederick Ward: engraver, heraldic designer, manufacturing jeweller, banknote designer, cinema proprietor, handwriting expert 

Glenn R CookeDon Ross, artist and craft worker 

Nicola KissaneMauchline Ware and Melbourne 

Peter LaneSouth Australian mid-19th century merchants’ tokens  

John WadeFeedback  

Dorothy Erickson‘Angels in the Studio’ in Western Australia part 3: Passing through 

Book Reviews

Vol 43 no 1, February 2021

Colin ThomasUpdate from the President  

David HansenMuch more than an E  

John WadeThe Goulds in Tasmania  

Stephen SchedingThe Scheding Index of Australian Art  

Stephen MarshallThe Invisible Man  

Dorothy EricksonAngels in the Studio in Western Australia, part 2  

Peter LaneSouth Australian mid-19th century merchants’ tokens  

John WadeFeedback  

Book Reviews

Vol 42 no 4, Nov 2020

Colin ThomasUpdate from the President  

Peter Lane, James Cook’s Killora 'Resolution' and 'Adventure' medal

R.A. Fredman, Tasmanian Magnificence part 2 

Luke Jones, Australian Toys: A Collector’s Story

David Bedford and Richard Phillips, Carl Ewald, ‘Gluepot’ Graetz of Graetztown, South Australia

Robert Stevens, William Paul Dowling: artist, artist-photographer and photographer

Dianne Byrne, James and Charlotte Cowlishaw’s ‘Golden Wedding’ Napkin Rings, c 1912

Australiana Society Annual Report

President’s Report: Dr Jim Bertouch

Treasurer’s Report: George Lawrence

2021 Events

Vol 42 no 3, August 2020

Trevor Hancock, A Cook discovery

Robert Hannan & Peter Crawshaw, The mystery of the missing James Coutts Crawford watercolours of Glebe, Sydney c 1845

Scott Carlin, Scrimshaw for presentation 

Dorothy Erickson, ‘Angels in the Studio’ in Western Australia: the precursors

John Ramsland, Rayner Hoff – sculptor for the 1st AIF and World War I

Gregory Street, An early Australian mourning brooch

Graham J. Williams, W.J. Williams and his paintings

Relton & Peter Leaver, Una Deerbon 1882–1972, Australian potter

Vol 42 no 2, May 2020

David Bedford, 'Virtual Show & Tell'

John Wade, 'Hunting for Mr. Beauchamp'

Robert Stevens, 'Collecting: The Convict Artists'

Megan Martin, 'The 2019 Peter Walker Fine Art Writing Award: Judge's Report'

Peter Lane, 'Daniel Cooper's 1856 Foundation Stone Box'

Scott Carlin, 'At Home' at Clairville: a Tasmanian Branch event'

Elizabeth Stevens, 'History is not wasted on the young'

David Bedford, 'Robert Dowling, the elusive cabinetmaker of O'Brien's Bridge, Van Diemen's Land'

Vol 42 no 1, Feb 2020

Katrina Banyai, 'Social media and the Australiana Society'

Glenn R. Cooke, 'The founding years of Harvey School pottery 1916-1922: completing the story'

Timothy Roberts, 'Exploring early Queensland art'

Robert Stevens, 'Charles Rodius, convict artist'

Adam Free, 'The Buck Jumper, an early sculpture by Harold Parker'

Jennifer Sanders, Dr Jim Bertouch, 'Letter to the Editor'

Robert Stevens, David Bedford, 'Society News'

Vol 41 no 4, Nov 2019

Dianne Byrne, 'The Tattersall's Club cups: Queensland racing history in gold and silver 1884-1888'

Gregory Hill, 'Australia's first art potters'

David Bedford & Jennifer Stuerzl, 'Forty years of collecting: a love affair with Australiana'

Gary Morgan, 'An unrecorded miniature by Ludwig Becker'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Captain Molly's table'

Lesley Garrett, 'Book Review: Vanessa Finney, Transformations'

Jim Bertouch & George Lawrence, 'Australiana Society annual report 2018'

Vol 41 no 3, Aug 2019

David J. Bedford, 'An exhibition quality display case veneered with an ornate Australian timber'

Jolyon Warwick James, 'Australian goldsmiths' marks: the records of the Australian Assay Office'

Robert La Nauze, 'The 'Paris Studio' of George de Nemes'

Andrew Montana, '"And to beautify his house": Lyon, Cottier & Co.'s ecclesiastical window glass and decoration during the 1870s'

Jodie Vandepeer, 'Father Kelly's chair'

Vol 41 no 2, May 2019

Justin Gare, Peter Scammell and Andrew Klenke, "Kingston’s vision: South Australia’s earliest and most enigmatic piece of colonial furniture"

Elizabeth Ellis, "The 2018 Peter Walker Fine Art Writing Award 2018: Judge’s Report"

Jillian Dwyer,  "William Lamborn, gold rush jeweller in colonial Melbourne and his associations with Henry Leopold Wagner and Samuel Peck Woollett"

Yvonne Barber, "Digitisation for Researchers"

Vol 41 no 1, Feb 2019

Timothy Roberts, 'Portrait of an artist: rediscovering Rose Blakemore'

Scott Carlin, 'Scrimshaw - art of the mariner: the Colin Thomas collection'

Megan Martin, 'Mary Ives: transported for 14 years'

Philip Reid, 'A table for the Asylum, New Norfolk'

Judith McKay, 'Trust the women: women lead the way in preserving Queensland's heritage'

Robyn Lake, 'Convict artist Frederick Strange ... the mystery deepens'

John Wade, 'A tribute to John Houstone'

Paul Gregson, 'How to use protein glues'

Vol 40 no 4, Nov 2018

Andrew Montana, 'W. J. Williams: art decorator of Ayers House, North Terrace, Adelaide'

Geoff Laurenson, 'Thomas Wright, Geelong colonial silversmith and jeweller'

Megan Martin, 'Mary Ives: transported for 14 years'

Jodie Vandepeer, 'Alice Maud Golley, a remote wood carver'

Book reviews
'With Heart & Hand. Art Pottery in Queensland 1900-1950'. Review by Dr Grace Cochrane
'Christine Erratt, Ceremonial Maces of Australian Universities'. Review by John Wade

John Hawkins, 'J & A Campi: looking glass manufacturers, glass bevellers, wood carvers, frame makers and gilders, Melbourne 1853-1900'

Yvonne Barber, 'The Captain Cook silver statuette'

Vol 40 no 3, Aug 2018

E. Charles Nelson, 'Dr John White FLS, Surgeon-General of NSW: a portrait by Thomas Watling'

Margaret Carlisle, 'Madame Bourdic's little plate'

David Bedford, 'Moreton Bay pearls in Australian jewellery'

Robert Stevens, 'Edmund Edgar alias Bult'

John Hawkins, 'Exhibition Review: Colony; Australia 1770-1861'

David Bedford, 'Using hide glue to repair antique furniture'

Peter Lane, 'The South Australian Study Group'

Australiana Society Annual Report 2018
President's Report: Jim Bertouch
Treasurer's Report: George Lawrence

Vol 40 no 2, May 2018

Elizabeth Ellis, 'Peter Walker Fine Art Writing Award 2017 judge's report'

Alan Landis, 'Australiana Society gift to Sydney Jewish Museum'

Robert La Nauze, 'Banks: the inside story'

John Hawkins, 'Of frogs, gold bracelets, opals, ladies and queens'

Colin S Thomas, 'Kevin Fahy Annual Lecture 2018: Tasmaniana'

Scott Carlin, 'Australiana Society tour of Tasmania 2018'

Book reviews
'Judith White, Culture Heist. Art versus Money'. Review by John Wade
'Glenda King, Maude Poynter: painter and potter'. Review by Glenn R Cooke

Vol 40 no 1, Feb 2018

Jim Bertouch, 'A message from the President'

Robert La Nauze, 'Lewis John Godfrey in Australia'

Peter Lane, 'A Rats of Tobruk carved panel'

Kevin J Lambkin & Diane Byrne, 'A Queensland colonial egg inkstand returns home'

John Hawkins, 'Rhodanthe, the Phar Lap of the coursing world'

Megan Martin, '2017 Kevin Fahy lecture: The Vaucluse House collection 1915-1970'

Peter Watts, 'Tribute: John Rothwell (Ginger) Morris'

John Wade, 'Mr Head's brass tray'

Book reviews
'Peter Lane, The Coin Cabinet'. Review by Bernie Begley

Vol 39 no 4, Nov 2017

Dorothy Erickson, 'Miguel Mackinlay: artistic success in London'

Peter Lane, 'Fire insurance companies' fire marks in the Art Gallery of South Australia collection'

Mark R Cabouret, 'Considerations on the psychology of collectors and collecting'

John Wade, 'Tribute: G W K (Ken) Cavill, 1922-2017'

Book reviews

'Robert La Nauze, Made to Order. George Thwaites and Sons, colonial cabinet makers'. Review by Paul Gregson

'Jennifer Sanders (ed), Collecting for the Nation, The Australiana Fund'. Review by John Wade

Vol 39 no 3, Aug 2017

Catherine Moffatt, 'The Beleura collection of Klytie Pate pottery'

Robert Stevens, 'James Walsh, convict artist in Western Australia'

Robert La Nauze, 'Robert Ferry Thwaites, a colonial landscape artist'

Jim Bertouch & George Lawrence, 'Australiana Society Annual Report'

Vol 39 no 2, May 2017

Letter to the editor, 'Backchat'

Megan Martin, 'Gladys Osborne's portrait miniatures'

Warwick Oakman, 'A Macquarie-era sideboard'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Miguel Mackinlay: the Australian years'

Phillip Black, 'A democratic collection. Viewing of the Trevor Kennedy collection'

Dianne Byrne, 'Colonial artist John Campbell in Brisbane'

Vol 39 no 1, Feb 2017

Leslie J Carlisle, 'Australian Agricultural Societies and their medals'

Robert Stevens, 'Elizabeth Hudspeth, an artist in Van Dieman's Land'

Peter Lane, 'The 1838 foundation scroll for Adelaide's Wesleyan Methodist Chapel'

Glenn R Cooke, 'Going Back to (Harvey) School'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Miguel Mackinlay in the Great War'

Elizabeth Ellis, 'The Peter Walker Fine Art Writing Award 2016 judge's report'

Warwick Oakman, 'Tasmanian Chapter comes to life'

Vol 38 no 4, Nov 2016

Christine Erratt, 'Making a new mace for the Australian Catholic University'

John Hawkins, 'Lawrence Butler and his veneered case furniture made in Sydney between 1804 and 1815'

Angus Trumble, 'Missing persons: Thomas Woolner in Australia'

Lesley Garrett, 'Reading a spoon'

John Wade, 'Kangaroo mechanical toys'

Vol 38 no 3, Aug 2016

Karen Eaton, 'Carmichael's George Street, Sydney 1828-1829'

Julieanne Watson, 'My Uncle Kev'
John Wade, 'Kevin Fahy (1932-2007). Friend, patriarch, storyteller, scholar'

Leonard Wilton Peterson, 'Memories of the South Australian jewellery trade'

'Denis Lake, The Men Who Made The Celebrated Chairs', review by John Wade

Jim Bertouch, 'President's Report'
George Lawrence, 'Treasurer's Report'
Elizabeth Ellis, 'The Peter Walker Fine Art Writing Award 2015 Judge's Report'

Vol 38 no 2, May 2016

Glenn R Cooke, 'The Olley project and the problems of identification'

Anne Schofield, 'Bling: 19th century goldfields jewellery'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Edwin Foss Duffield: a colonial-born craftsman'

Michel Reymond, 'George Richard Addis, watchmaker and jeweller: his Victorian and Tasmanian years'

Dianne Byrne, 'Queensland welcomes a portrait of Lord Lamington'

Jolyon Warwick James, 'An early Australian silver gift - its authenticity and content'

R A Fredman, 'The legend of Australian cedar furniture'

Vol 38 no 1, Feb 2016

Dianne Byrne, 'Lady Bowen's Irish harp brooch - a Queensland colonial treasure rediscovered'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Mattie Furphy - dainty but determined'

Robert D La Nauze, 'The cabinet maker and the carver: George Thwaites and Daniel Livingstone'

Karen Eaton, 'The Champion's Belt of Isaac Reid, heavyweight prize-fighter'

Peter Lane, 'Ernest Worrall and his Anglo-Boer War khaki keepsake'

Peter Lane, 'German trench art from Victoria'

Book review by John Wade: 'Sasha Grishin, S T Gill and his audiences'

Book review by Christine Erratt: 'Eva Czernis-Ryl, Hendrik Forster Silversmith Designer Maker'

Michael Lech, 'Peter Walker Fine Art Writing Award winners'

Vol 37 no 4, Nov 2015

Karen Eaton, 'John Black Carmichael (1803-1857), artist and engraver'

Book Review by Jean Sim, 'Tony Kanellos (editor), Out of the Past: views of the Adelaide Botanic Garden - a series of Edwardian Era Postcards'

Catriona Quinn, 'The prism of provenance: the Landau collection of Krimper furniture' 

Vol 37 no 3, Aug 2015

Andrew Montana, 'Richard Batholomew Smith's Wunderkammer'

Christine E. Jackson, 'Sir Donald Bradman and Withersfield'

Robert D. La Nauze, 'Eureka and Victoria's chair of state'

Judy & Ian Higson, 'The Australiana Society's Tasmanian tour 2015' 

Book Reviews
Eva Czernis-Ryl,
'Inspired by Light, Dorothy Erickson'
John Ramsland,
'True Light and Shade, John Maynard'
Paul Donnelly, 'Narrative of the Wreck of HMS Porpoise, Robert Purdie'
John Wade, 'Convict and Free, David Kelly'

Australiana Society Annual Reports
Jim Bertouch, 'President's Report'
Andrew Morris, 'Treasurer's Report'
Elizabeth Ellis, 'The 2014 Peter Walker Fine Art Writing Award Judge's Report'

Vol 37 no 2, May 2015

David Kelly and Brian McHenry, 'Backchat'

Dianne Byrne, 'Lady Bowen's Irish harp brooch - a missing piece of Queensland colonial jewellery'

From the editor

Catriona Quinn, 'Adrian Feint's flowers and fishermen: the Lesley Godden collection'

Megan Martin, 'A rare Feint format: "Shells" designed and painted 1947 for "Jo" Fakhry' 

Trevor Hancock, 'Finding Firnhaber treasures'

Annette Gero,
'Wartime quilts'

John Wade, 'A chance beginning: the Lyons collection of decorative art'

Vol 37 no 1, February 2015

Christine Erratt, Bob Fredman, and Jill Roy, 'Backchat'

Tom Thompson, 'The Ashes bail'

Lesley Garrett, 'Reminders of the Great War'

Susan Knop and Michel Reymond, 'The Fereday service'

Christine E. Jackson, 'John Jardine in Australia'

Tributes by Bronwyn Hanna, Jane Kelso and Anne Scholfield: 'James Semple Kerr, Miriam Hamilton and David Ell'

Book Reviews by Lesley Garrett and John Wade: 'Blamire Young; Jewels on Queen'

Vol 36 no 4, November 2014

Michel Reymond, 'Gold Rush jewellers of Melbourne and Dunedin: Wagner & Woollett, Lamborn & Wagner and Wollett and Hewitt'

Jim Bertouch, 'From the President'

Lesley Brooker, 'Miss Purnell's wildflower screen'

John Hawkins, 'A "Poket Time Keeper", John Arnold, Joseph Banks and Constantine John Phipps'

Dorothy Erickson, 'A Fine Possession: jewellery and identity, Powerhouse Museum Sydney'

Vol 36 no 3, August 2014

Dorothy Erickson, 'Joseph Hamblin, cabinet-maker and piano maker'

Margaret Carlisle, 'A Berlin woolwork picture'

Paul Donnelly, 'Annual dinner and lecture 2014'

Jim Bertouch, 'Taking tea in the colonies'

Karen Eaton, 'A.S. Trood, a silver medal and Belle Vue Hall School'

Book Reviews
Jean Fornasiero & John West-Sooby, 'French Designs on Colonial New South Wales',
review by Prof. John Ramsland
Jenny Cullen, 'Sir Charles Lloyd Jones',
review by Silas Clifford-Smith
Kevin Power, 'John Campbell Pottery', review by Tim Cha

Vol 36 no 2, May 2014

Julie Petersen, 'Hilda Rix Nicholas: a cosmopolitan artist in 1920s Sydney'

Judy and Ian Higson, 'The Australiana Society Canberra Centenary Members' Tour 2013'

Gary Morgan, 'A South Australian colonial wax relief by Josef David Herrgott (1823-61)'

Warwick Oakman, 'A colonial Grecian library table'

Jim Bertouch, Elizabeth Ellis and Andrew Morris, 'Australiana Society Annual Reports 2013'

Vol 36 no 1, February 2014

Dorothy Erickson, ' "dear Emily" in Western Australia'

John D. Watkins, 'A "Grecian" colonial chair'

Peter Lane, 'Australian cartography: a numismatic perspective'

Megan Martin, 'A Venetian gondola on Farm Cove?'

Michel Reymond, 'John Rider Roberts'

Book Reviews
Tony Kanellos, 'Imitation of Life',
review by Lesley Garrett
Elizabeth Ellis, 'The Sydney Punchbowl',
review by John Wade

Vol 35 no 4, November 2013

Silas Clifford-Smith, 'David G. Reid - printmaker, painter and plumber'

Timothy Roberts, 'Fit for a Queen: two Royal jubilee testimonies from colonial Queensland'

Tim Cha, 'The Macquarie Event'

David Kelly, 'Joseph Bridekirk, Cabinetmaker: Hobart, Sydney and Maitland'

Dr Jim Bertouch, 'Grant of $5,000'

Bill Blinco, 'London calling'

John Hawkins, 'John Wood, gentleman turner'

John Wade, 'Jewellery is for giving'

Book Reviews
Penny Olsen, 'Cayley & Son',
review by Richard Neville
Penny Olsen, 'Collecting Ladies',
review by Dr Dorothy Erickson

Vol 35 no 3, August 2013

Megan Martin, 'The Cambewarra connection: William Bauerlen, Gertrude Lovegrove and The Wild Flowers of New South Wales'

John Ramsland, 'The lost galantry medals of Joseph Maxwell VC, MC and Bar, DCM'

Michel Reymond and Dorothy Erickson, 'Frank Piaggio and Piaggio & McKinlay, watchmakers and jewellers of Perth'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Letter to the Editor'

Christine Erratt, 'Ceremonial maces of Australian universities, part 3'

Sean Johnson, 'The puzzle of Gannon House'

John Wade, 'Mac the Wire King'

Books John Wade
'JM Houstone, Early Australian Silver: The Houstone Collection'
'Michael Fahey & Mike Coward, The Baggy Green
'Andrew Montana et al, Australia Revelaed'

Jim Bertouch & Andrew Morris, 'Reports from the Annual General Meeting of the Australiana Society Inc.'

Elizabeth Elllis, 'The Peter Walker Fine Writing Award 2012: Judge's Report'

Vol 35 no 2, May 2013

Joy Hughes, 'Royal Bounty. George III's gifts to the Governors of New South Wales'

Rosemary Annable, 'Upholding King and Church'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Hookum Chan and Family. 19th-century furniture makers in Western Australia'

Lesley Garrett, 'Porcelain painting in the 1970s and 1980s'

Mark R. Cabouret, 'Neville William Cayley, the bird illustrator of Australia'

Vol 35 no 1, February 2013

Peter Lane, 'The IHC bronze kangaroos'

Mark R. Cabouret, ' "Lalla": Alice Rochford Cayley and Jack Castle Harris, part 2'

Kenneth Cavill, 'Louis Somme, an intriguing migrant craftsman'

Dianne Byrne, 'The John Watts necklace: a masterpiece of Australian gold jewellery by Christian Ludwig Qwist'

Jane Lennon, 'Henry Frith's "The Last of the Tasmanians": the three versions'

R. A. Phillips, 'Review: Treasures and Traditions of the German community'

Kellee Uhr, 'Victorian mourning dress in colonial Australia'

Vol 34 no 4, November 2012

Jorn Harbeck, 'James Mitchell's games table'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Treasure trove'

Howard Courtney, 'Billy Hughes doorstops'

Mark Cabouret, ' "Lalla": Alice Rochfort Cayley and Jack Castle Harris, part I'

Richard Phillips, 'Exhibition review: Bounty'

John Wade, 'Australiana Books'

Vol 34 no 3, August 2012

Timothy Roberts, 'Donald Friend's life in letters'

Mark Cabouret, 'Neville Henry Cayley 1854-1903 - the bird artist of Australia'

Dianne Byrne, 'The Ipswich Odd Fellows medal of 1850'

John Houstone, 'Move over James Oatley'

Elizabeth Ellis, 'Peter Walker Fine Art Award 2011'


Vol 34 no 2, May 2012

Andrew Morris, 'The Native Police Corps'

Christine Erratt, 'Ceremonial maces of Australian universities, part 2'

Elizabeth Ellis, 'Chinese puzzles: the Sydney punchbowls'

Jim Bertouch, 'Australiana Society annual dinner at Swifts'

Two new colonial exhibitions in Adelaide: 'Bounty: 19th-century

South Australian gold and silver; South Australia Illustrated'

Jim Bertouch and Andrew Morris, 'Reports from the Annual General Meeting of the Australiana Society'

Vol 34 no 1, February 2012

Andrew Morris, 'Gold! An extraordinary colonial image'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Marina Shaw: china painter, sculptor, portrait painter'

John Hawkins, 'Hidden corners: rediscovering Firnhaber and Schomburgk in the Digital Age'

Christine Erratt, 'Ceremonial maces of Australian universities, part 1'

Geoff Ford, 'An 1865 watercolour of Fowler's Camperdown Pottery'

 Vol 33 no 4, November 2011

Eva Czernis-Ryl, 'Brilliant postscript: 1850s mounted emu eggs, goldfields jewellery and ... a goldfields cup

Warwick Oakman, 'John Glover and the Artist's Vale, Mills Plains and Patterdale'

Silas Clifford-Smith, 'The art detective'

John Wade, 'Captain Wallis' album'

Dorothy Erickson, 'William Howitt, woodcarver of distinction'

John Hawkins, 'Essie Jenyns and her Australian terriers'

Stephen Scheding, Book Review:'Percy Lindsay, artist and bohemian, by Silas Clifford-Smith'

Jolyon Warwick James, 'Pre-1820 silversmiths and allied tradesmen in Australia'

Vol 33 no 3, August 2011

John Hawkins, 'Thoroughbred gold: the 1894 Murrumbidgee Turf Club Gold Cup'

Terry Ingram, 'One hundred years ago'

Jim Bertouch, 'Of fids and ditty boxes'

Geoff & Kerrie Ford, 'Rare Lithgow water filter discovery'

David St L. Kelly, 'A colourful clash in Castlereagh Street: "Paddy the bolter" and "the sailor's whore"'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Flora Landells, the Maylands School or Art and other students'

Glenn R. Cooke, 'Goldfields jewellery'

Miriam Hamilton & Jane Kelso, 'The 1962 Australiana Exhibition at Hunter's Hill'

Vol 33 no 2, May 2011

Terry Ingram, 'The Saleroom 150 years ago - A tale of two Monas'

Geoff Ford, 'Rediscovering Jonathan Leak'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Henry Passmore, a man with a passion'

Timothy Roberts, 'People and places: Joseph Backler in Queensland'

Lesley Garrett, 'Who is this man?'

John Wade, 'Book Review: Brilliant. Australian Gold and Silver 1851-1950.'

Eva Czernis-Ryl, 'Book Review: Gold & Silversmithing in Western Australia: A History.'

James Bertouch, 'Australiana Society President's Report'

Andrew Morris, 'Australiana Society Treasurer's Report & financial statements'

Elizabeth Ellis, 'Peter R Walker Fine Art Writing Award, Judge's report'

James Bertouch, 'Australiana Society annual dinner and lecture, 4 February 2011'


Vol 33 no 1, February 2011

Silas Clifford-Smith, 'A traveller's tale: the life and times of artist Henri Tebbitt'

John Wade, 'Even earlier emu eggs'

Mal Harrop & Gary Workman, 'Reflections on glass part 4: collecting Crown Crystal glassware'

Peter Lane, 'Eliza Frances Nicholson's silver mug'

Terry Ingram, '25 years ago - Australiana in the Saleroom'

James Bertouch, 'Kevin Fahy, an interview by Jim Bertouch part 3.'

Leslie J Carlisle, 'The Sydney Grammar School medals 1819-1825'


 Vol 32 no 4, November 2010

Timothy Roberts, 'A national portrait for Queensland'

Michel Reymond, 'An Anglo-Indian sideboard'

Dorothy Erickson, 'Enterprising women studio artists: the Misses Creeth'

Michel Reymond, 'Morris Castle Sydney cabinet maker: his addresses and neighbours'

James Bertouch, 'Kevin Fahy: an interview by Jim Bertouch part 2.'


Vol 32 no 3, August 2010  

Cassandra Lehman-Schultz, 'George Dowden, early Ipswich cabinet-maker'

Marcia Rackham, 'Australiana tour of Tasmania 2009'

Lesley Garrett, 'Garden structures: lost, found and threatened' 

Julie Petersen, 'The name will live on after we are gone: the story of Annan Fabrics'

Megan Martin, 'Australiana Society President's Report 2009'

Andrew Morris, 'Australiana Society Treasurer's Report 2009'

John Wade, 'Books' 


Vol 32 no 2, May 2010  

Silas Clifford-Smith, 'Thomas Dean:the sentimental Fettler'

Ipswich Art Gallery, 'Australia's quilt heritage gathered for Ipswich exclusive'

Mal Harrop & Andrew Mitchell, 'Reflections on glass part 3:'

Jim Bertouch, 'Kevin Fahy: An interview by Jim Bertouch Part 1.' 

John Wade, 'Pigeon Shooting' 

Olivia Bolton, ''Design and art of Australia online'



Vol 32 no 1, February 2010

Dorothy Erickson, 'Gordon Holdsworth: Rural Retreat for a craft revivalist' 

Megan Martin, ' The mystery of the mantelpiece'

Robyn Lake, 'Bound for Van Diemen's Land: Scottish cabinetmaker Alexander Watson'

John  Wade, 'Leslie J Carlisle OAM'

Terry Ingram, ' 25 Years ago - Australiana in the saleroom'

Timothy Roberts, ' A fine proposal'



Vol 31 no 4, November 2009

Dorothy Erikson, 'Flora Landellis'

David Kelly, 'Morris Castle, cabinet maker of London & Sydney'

Barbara Butler & David Kelly, 'More on Butler'

Mal Harrop, 'Reflections on glass part 2:'

Robert Reason & Gary Morgan, 'Two important South Australian gold cups'

Robyn Lake, 'Tasmanian furniture history sources'

John Wade, 'Carl Gonsalves'

John Houstone & John Wade, 'John Austin, forger & silversmith'

Vol 31 no 3, August 2009

Timothy Roberts, 'Life & career of August Kosvitz'

Silas Clifford-Smith, 'S.John Ross, the silhouette man'

John Hawkins, 'The creation and furnishings of Government House, Hobart'.

Emily Cloney & Michael Ried, 'Antiques are green'.

Michael Beckmann, 'Queensland folk art'





Vol 31 no 2, May 2009

Richard O'Hair, Ruth Kerr, Duncan Ray & Carmel O'Hair, 'The inaugural Wild River Members Cup of 1882'

Michael Reid, 'A snuff box comes home'

John Hawkins, 'The creation and furnishings of Government House, Hobart'.

Mal Harrop, 'Reflections on glass: glass around the world'





Vol 31 no 1, February 2009

John Houstone, 'Alexander Berry's Watch'

Margaret Carlisle, 'A Clock'

Barbara Butler & David Kelly, 'Lawrence Butler'.

''Texans support Queensland's 150th anniversary'

Donna Braye, 'All Fired Up'




Vol 30 no 4, November 2008

Carmela & Roger Arturi-Phillips, 'Ada Whiting (nee Cherry)(1859-1953)

Annette Gero, 'The Tolman quit from New Town , Tasmania'

Lesley Garrett, 'Midwinter in Murrumbah'

Ruth Dwyer & Brett Manley, 'A champ of a library table by William Champion'

Antony Davies, ''David Collins' blackwood Tea caddy'

John Hawkins, 'The creation and furnishing of Government House Hobart'



Vol 30 no 3, August 2008 

Molly Duggins, 'Natures craft: the Eliza Younghusband album'

Andrew Morris, 'Conway Weston Hart'

John Hawkins, 'Ruth Simon (1924 - 2008)'

Warwick Oakman, ''Whalebone arbours in Tasmanian gardens'

David St. L Kelly, 'Colonial furniture: provenance and its pitfalls'

Tony Brown, 'Tasmanian Aboriginal shell necklaces'



Vol 30 no 2, May 2008

Michael Lech, 'Paving our homes'

Michael Lea, 'By appointment John Devereux'

Richard Westall, 'Recent William Westall picture discoveries'

Michel Reymond, 'John Clarke Jr, Andrew Lenehan & James Templeton, 'Cabinet Makers of Castlereagh St, Sydney'

John Houstone, Richard A.J. O'Hair and Carmel S. O'Hair, 'Louis Kitz, a newly identified early Australian goldsmith & silvesmith'.


Vol 30 no 1, February 2008

Kenneth Cavill, 'William Mark: worker in metals, precious stones,enamelled and inlaid work'

Lesley Garrett, 'The David Collins Box and miniature portrait'

Silas Clifford-Smith, 'James MacNally'

John Hawkins, 'Tasmanian Aboriginal kangaroo Skin'





(Vol 29 no 4, November 2007)

There was no issue published in November 2007.



Vol 29 no 3, August 2007

John McPhee, 'The artist photographer and the work of the Rev John Dixon'

Glenn Cooke,'Looking for Kitty'

Andrew Morris, 'The man in a blue jacket'

Caressa Crouch, ''The David Collins box & miniature portrait'

John Houstone, 'The Collins caster'



Vol 29 no 2, May 2007

Andrew Montana, 'At home with silk batik and painted furniture: Byram Mansell's decorative art in 1920s Sydney'

Andrew Morris, ' A Cutmear conundrum'

Andrew Shepherdson, 'The passage of time'

Gordon Turnbull, 'Glass and Modernism in Australia in the Thirties'

David Ferguson, 'Reference collections and the art of science'

John Ramsland, 'Portrait of a Manly hero

Vol 29 no 1, February 2007

Paul Hundley & John Wade, Gold Rush drama, on stage and off

Cherie McKeich,
Abroad with the Australian cricket team

Les Carlisle,
Licensed Boatman badges

Patrick De Gabriele, '
Whare Tau, Federation opulence in the Southern HIghlands'

Jenny Springett, '
Out of the woodwork'
John Wade, Kevin Fahy AM (1932-2007
John Hawkins, Letter to the editor


Vol 28 no 4, November 2006

John Hawkins,J.M. Haenke, artist, architect and designer 1877–1963

Roslyn Maguire, Angelo Tornaghi's tiles

Lesley Garrett, The Milky Way: researching and making family history

Geoff & Kerrie Ford, Tasmania's Huon Pottery

Judith McKay, The National Museum of Australian Pottery

Christine Erratt, An Australian silver ladle in London

Mark Ferson, Thoroughly Modern Sydney

John Ramsland, Book review "Through artist's eyes'



Vol 28 no 3, August 2006

Anne Watson,'The Hanbury Clements cabinets'

Ken Cavill, 'F.J. Mole, Brisbane silversmith'

Peter Watson, 'A new catalogue of Remued Pottery'

George Dean, 'An unusual award for bravery'

Gordon Turnbull, 'Reflections on Lighting in the 1930s '

Andrew Morris, 'Bock's better half' 


Vol 28 no 2, May 2006

R.A. Fredman, 'Tasmanian Magnificence'

Shane Frost, 'Burigon, Chief of the Newcastle tribe'

Paul Barton, 'Thomas Bluett, lithographer'

Ruth Kerrison, 'The Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW'
News & exhibitions


Vol. 28 no. 1, February 2006

John McPhee, 'Two early collector's chests'

Brian Hubber, Charles Brownlow

Alan Robb, Mr Petersen and Mr Blytt

Alex George, An Australian convict-made travelling desk, 1805

John Ramsland, Images of sophicated cosmopolitanism: The Hotel Australia

Les Carlisle, 'Ann Wright 1786' - a love token?

John McPhee, Joseph Lycett's Durham, 1811

Jenny Springett, Carving a place in Australian history: Mabel Lemaire